Our Story

At ResQ Skin,

Our purpose is fueled by our fundamental principles: Authenticity, Passion, and Integrity. We're guided by a commitment to harness the power of natural and organic elements, while leaving a positive footprint on the world. These ideals form the essence of our journey. 

Driven by Julie’s profound aspiration, our journey commenced with the goal of crafting a skincare label that transcends superficial beauty. Our pledge is to deliver products that possess the innate power to mend, restore, and rejuvenate – catering to all stages of life, from the early phases to the wisdom of age. 

Photo of Julie with her hands on her face wearing a green sweater smiling

A Source of Inspiration 

Our motivation is deeply rooted in personal encounters with the transformative capabilities of therapeutic healing. Witnessing the detrimental impact of harsh environments and clinical interventions on skin, we set forth on a mission that melds passion, purpose, and unwavering ethics. We envision resilient, healthier skin that radiates from within. 

Our Unconventional Approach 

Steered by our resolute commitment, we've meticulously developed products that stand as a testament to our holistic approach. Uncomplicated yet profound, our creations aim to revive your skin's innate radiance. But here's the distinction – we don't compromise on health or the environment. Our formulations are a harmony of therapeutic properties, absent of harmful elements. It's an assurance that your self-care resonates with the planet's care. 

Embark on a Journey of Healing Transformation 

Embrace the distinction of ResQ Skin. Discover our collection of purposefully curated products, each a manifestation of therapeutic healing. They're not merely cosmetic – they're conduits of healing, rejuvenation, and self-assured indulgence. Join us in celebrating a realm where beauty and healing intertwine in harmonious synergy. 

Benefits of Patchouli

Patchouli emerges as an extraordinary botanical for topical applications. Its unique triple-action attributes – antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant – collaborate harmoniously to safeguard and revitalise the skin.

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ResQ Skin:
Beyond Beauty, We Heal From Within